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What is the meaning of CZ Rings? Can it be maintained?

Zircon is a kind of natural stone, chemical composition for Zr [SiO4], crystal belongs to the tetragonal island structure of silicate minerals. Crystal is a short column, usually is a square column, tetragonal bipyramidal or complex tetragonal bipyramidal poly shape. Zircon in a variety of colors, colorless, purple, yellowish brown, yellowish, pale red, green, adamantine luster. No cleavage. Mohs hardness 7.5-8 than significant, amounting to 4.4-4.8.
Zircon in a variety of igneous rocks as accessory minerals output. In alkaline rocks and alkalic pegmatite rich integrated mine, the famous origin with southern Norway and Russia's Urals. Zircon is often rich in placer deposits. The world of gem grade zircon production in Laos, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand. The alkaline basalt in Eastern China in gem grade zircon. Zircon is extraction of zirconium and hafnium is the most important mineral raw materials, but also for national defense and aerospace industry.
Zircon also known as zircon, which is the December birthday stone, a symbol of success. Its name is Zircon. English
Zircon is a silicate mineral, according to its physical properties and chemical composition can be divided into high and low type two variants, there are also divided into high, medium and low three kinds, but the value of the gem, the higher the value of high zircon.
Zircon is a natural gem refraction rate second only to diamond, dispersion value very high precious stones, zircon colorless transparent resembles diamond, diamond is very good substitutes. Commonly used zircon colorless, red brown, red brown, green and so on. But the most popular color is blue and colorless two, which in blue higher value and are generally after artificial heat treatment. Many zircon in the market are after heat treatment and take out sales. This is because after processing the gem is more beautiful than the original jewel, better pin.
In the purchase of zircon, the first consideration should be given to the selection of zircons from the most popular blue, blue is often beautician that color is universal. For Europe and the United States women. The main point is can with their eyes and hair to match and coordinate with each other, although many ladies like aquamarine, but Aquamarine not zircon so bright, also don't like zircon shine as. Colorless zircon is recommended, especially want to buy a piece of jewelry, and unwilling to invest in expensive diamond, then choose colorless zircon can say is kill two birds with one stone, both to save money, but also to achieve the purpose of beauty life. General zircon ring only tens of dollars.